2 in 1 Facial Cream for women experiencing Menopausal Skin Concerns

2 in 1 Facial cream for women experiencing menopausal skin concerns.
Treats Dry/Dull skin and protect the skin barrier


Why Solé Skin is Perfect for Menopausal Skin:

As you transition through menopause, your body experiences significant hormonal shifts, notably a decline in estrogen levels. This hormonal change can deeply impact your skin’s structure and function. Estrogen is instrumental in maintaining skin moisture, elasticity, and thickness. Its reduction can lead to thinner skin, diminished collagen, and a decrease in natural oils. These changes often result in increased dryness, a lackluster complexion, and more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles. Solé Skin AHA+ Hydration Treatment is meticulously formulated to combat these challenges. Our unique blend of ingredients works synergistically to revitalize and replenish your skin, helping to restore its density, hydration, and youthful radiance. By addressing these specific menopausal skin concerns, Solé Skin empowers you to embrace this new phase of life with confidence and glowing skin.

How It Works:

  • Sign Up: Fill in your shipping details on our website and handle the shipping fee to receive your Solé Skin bottle.
  • Begin Your Transformation: Take a ‘before’ photo, then use Solé Skin as directed. Our formula is gentle yet effective, perfect for menopausal skin.
  • Track Your Progress: Continue using the product for an 8-week period.
  • Share Your Results: Post your ‘after’ photo and a testimonial detailing your skin’s transformation and tag @soleskinhealth
  • Earn Another Bottle Free: As our thank you for sharing your journey, receive a second bottle of Solé Skin at no cost! 


What You’ll Receive:

Complimentary First Bottle: Get started with a full-sized bottle of our Solé Skin AHA+ Hydration Treatment for free, simply cover a nominal shipping fee.

Expert Guidance: Access detailed instructions and tips to help rejuvenate your menopausal skin effectively.

Targeted Benefits Tailored for Your Menopausal Skin Needs:

Deep Hydration and Gentle Exfoliation: Solé Skin AHA+ Hydration Treatment is expertly crafted to tackle the increased dryness and eneven texture that often accompany menopausal skin. Our formula features Lactic Acid, a gentle exfoliant for women experiencing menopausal skin that sloughs away dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, more vibrant surface. Coupled with intense hydrators, this treatment dives deep into the skin to lock in moisture and combat the dryness caused by hormonal changes.

Strengthened Skin Barrier: As estrogen levels decline, your skin’s barrier weakens, making it more susceptible to environmental stressors. Our AHA+ Hydration Treatment works diligently to fortify your skin’s natural defenses. Regular use boosts the skin’s resilience, enhancing its ability to retain vital moisture and shield itself from external irritants and pollutants, ensuring a healthier, more robust complexion.

Sensitivity and Tolerance in Mind: Recognizing the increased sensitivity of menopausal skin, our treatment is meticulously formulated to be safe and soothing for all skin types, particularly those affected by hormonal changes. It provides the care your sensitive skin needs without compromising on effectiveness.

Embrace Radiant Transformation: Embark on your journey with Solé Skin and experience the visible transformation as you rediscover the vibrant, nourished skin you deserve. Our program is more than just a trial; it is a gateway to renewed confidence and enduring radiance during menopause and beyond. Let Solé Skin guide you through this transformative phase with solutions that not only address but also anticipate the needs of your evolving skin.

Solé Skin Subscription Service (Coming Soon)

Solé Skin AHA+ Hydration Treatment

Solé Skin AHA+ Hydration Treatment, a game-changer in skincare. This one-of-a-kind product contains three key components: Lactic Acid (AHA), Urea, and a specially formulated delivery system. The Lactic Acid exfoliates and promotes skin cell renewal, while the Urea deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin. The special delivery system ensures that these ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, maximizing their benefits. With continued use, you can expect to see brighter, smoother, and more radiant skin. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a glowing complexion with Solé Skin AHA+ Hydration Treatment.