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Our Mission

Empowering Menopausal Women with Radiant Skin

A Skincare Revolution Tailored for Your Unique Needs

Meet Susan, Our Founder

At Solé Skin, we understand the unique skincare challenges that menopausal women face. Founded by Susan, a passionate advocate for women's health, our mission is to empower women to rediscover their radiance through scientifically formulated skincare solutions.


Women Everywhere

Solé Skin was born from a desire to address the often-overlooked skincare needs of menopausal women. Through extensive research and collaboration with leading dermatologists, we have created products that not only treat but also celebrate mature skin.

Our Signature Product

Our flagship product, the Solé Skin AHA+ Hydration Treatment, combines gentle exfoliation with deep hydration. With keyingredients like Lactic Acid and Urea, our formula is designed to transform dry, dull skin into a glowing, revitalized complexion

Science-Backed Skincare

We pride ourselves on using clinically proven ingredients and rigorous testing to ensure our products deliver exceptional results. Our commitment to quality and innovation means you can trust Solé Skin to provide the best care for your skin during menopause and beyond

Wellness for Your Skin

At Solé Skin, we believe in a holistic approach to skincare, especially during menopause. Our Wellness Program is designed to provide continuous support and personalized care. This program includes regular product shipments, customized skincare advice, and exclusive content to help you maintain healthy, radiant skin.

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